SMSS operates strictly within mobile rules & regulations and provide legitimate, directly connected, high quality mobile services that’s reliable and sustainable

As members of SMSCA, FABASA, GBC and DMA, our clients enjoy peace of mind with regards to spamming and unsolicited mobile marketingSMSCA smscawas formed to ensure that communication to members of the public and/or potential customers remain honest, factual, legitimate and informative
In conjunction with government regulations and other regulatory associations, SMSCA constantly strive to eliminate unethical or ignorant practitioners and protect both the industry and consumers from them
SMSCA provides both consumers and businesses complaint and report channels should illegal activities be suspected and  will attempt to resolve issues through unbiased arbitration
Associations similar to SMSCA contribute significantly towards detering potential violations of the mobile communications rules & regulations
SMSCA ensures legitimate practices with regards to Sms Competitions, SMS Campaigns, SMS Marketing, SMS Voting, SMS Services, SMS Short Codes and SMS Subscription Services

DMASAThe DMASA (a Section 21 Company) aims to protect both the industry and consumers from unethical or ignorant practitioners, and to lobby with government and other regulatory bodies. Key to the DMASA’s activities is the promotion and expansion of interactive and direct marketing within the country and region.

Our Code of Practice is designed to be easy to follow and is fully compliant with all existing laws of relevance to the Interactive and Direct Marketing industry (IDM).  We offer a Hotline for both consumers and competitors to complain and we seek to resolve issues through arbitration.  The DMASA is also an active member of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) is the pre-eminent direct marketing association in South Africa for all interactive and direct marketing disciplines, channels and technologies. The Association is a broad-based, well-funded and responsible organisation that is the direct marketing community’s leading:

  • advocate, manager and authority on key public policy issues affecting direct marketers;
  • provider of knowledge, leading-edge interactive and direct marketing intelligence and professional development opportunities; and
  • catalyst for networking and business opportunities within the direct marketing community.

    FABASAFABASA fills a much needed void in helping FOBs. Its mandate includes corporate governance and best practices, and assistance with succession planning, given that a staggering 70% of all first-generation family-owned businesses fail in their efforts to hand over to the second generation. FABASA will offer practical solutions to family businesses, while also highlighting effective strategies to manage their businesses towards profitability and prosperity.
    Members will have ongoing access to the latest research with training programmes such as workshops and conferences. In addition, members will also receive regular electronic newsletters with the latest advice and international trends affecting this sector


In support of the Chamber’s commitment to the promotion of business ethics and the fight against corruption, the Chamber has drawn up the following Code of Ethics with which it asks its members to comply.


  • Act ethically at all times taking the reasonable interests of all stakeholders into account.
  • Ensure that individuals and entities working for it will be accountable for their conduct.
  • Be conducted in a manner that is fair, and in particular does not mislead anyone or misrepresent the products or services offered.
  • Not knowingly supply a defective or dangerous product or service.
  • Ensure all associated with it must see that confidential information remains as such.
  • Be conducted with reasonable care and skill.
  • Take reasonable account of interests of the community in which it operates.