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Your next SMS campaign could be delivered straight into the hands of your prospects and customers
(Online SMS Program – No Installation required)

Sending via SMSS’s App is completely free. You pay only for the SMS messages you send

1) SMS using our FREE online SMS Program
2) SMS using your email to any cell number
3) SMS using your own system/program/user interface or software via API (HTTP & SMPP Connectivity)
4) SMS using our SMSS Managed System (You provide numbers & messages, we do the rest)
5) SMS using our unique Remote Bulk SMS Program (No internet needed)

some_Comp4WHY USE US?
1) No set-up, monthly or annual fees
2) SMSS software INCLUDES Bulk SMS, SMS-Competition, Campaign and SMS Marketing Software
3) SMSS guarantees the lowest 2-way messaging prices in SA (from 14c per SMS)
4) 1 x SMS credit = 1 x SMS (160 Characters) to all SA Networks
5) Concatenated SMS messages (Long messages). Send multiple SMS messages as one SMS
6) Send Bulk SMS messages to individuals, Groups or a combination of both
7) Messages are 2-way (Recipients can reply. Replies forwarded to email or mobile number)
8) Personalise each sms with one click. Each recipient’s name is inserted before the SMS
9) Schedule SMS messages for any date or time. Once scheduled, sending is automated
10) Send bulk SMS messages REMOTELY to a Group from any mobile phone anywhere
11) SMS Reports are available instantly & includes: Sent, Received, Failed and Status of SMS
12) Import contacts & contact groups instantly from MS Excel
13) Export contacts and/or reports of sent & received SMS messages
14) Easy-to-use online (User Manual is available at all times and only one click away)
15) API connectivity (HTTP, SMPP and .Net WCF) for developers and SMS-enabled systems
16) Multiple user accounts can be created
17) Purchased SMS credits can be allocated to sub-users. Full reports on user accounts usage
18) Smartphone APP- free download
19) Credits are pre-paid (Post-pay facilities to approved clients)

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5 Easy steps to send SMS messages within a few seconds

Register a free account

 Receive 20 SMS Credits

Login account and create your sms

Send your SMS, View Replies

View SMS delivery report

Option.2 – We send SMS messages on your behalf

Create your SMS & a list of cell number to receive your SMS

 Email the list and the SMS message to [email protected]

Make an EFT payment or buy online & attach POP to email

We INSTANTLY send the SMS messages on your behalf

You’ll receive a Receipt & a Report of delivered messages


The cell phone is the most pervasive media on the planet and 80% of cell phone subscribers use SMS regularly

SMS messages are far more widely available, more affordable and almost all cell phone users know how to use SMS. Sms messages haven’t decreased in any way as a result of other mobile media, including mobile Web, email, applications, IM, multimedia messaging or mobile social networking such as Facebook or Twitter. For the foreseeable future it firmly remains the second most used mobile utility after voice calling 

SMS Marketing
SMS messages are widely accepted as a channel for services such as news alerts, customer-interaction, complaints, CRM, surveys and many more. This channel also proved an increase in customer loyalty and willingness to be added to opt-in databases. Companies that realised this trend early have reaped the rewards, beyond expectation 

SMS doesn’t require both parties to be available at the same time. The marketing message can still be sent even when the recipient’s phone is switched off or there is no network signal. It will be delivered when the phone becomes available and sits in the inbox to be read when the recipient is free – and remains there until the message is deleted

There’s much more to SMS than 160 characters. SMS often underpins many mobile services – it’s an excellent platform for exchanging information between applications

Premium Services
Media companies, particularly, encourage viewers/readers to send in feedback, tips for stories, pictures and join in promotions using SMS. Marketing campaigns will often encourage customers to participate in selection issuess

Interactivity is imminent since it’s easy for customers to reply, to act and/or click-to-browse links in the message, making the mobile a great channel for lead generation

Cheaper than Mail/Post/Voice calls
Comparing the cost of sending bulk SMS as opposed to the cost of direct mail and/or letters/stamps, SMS is between 70-85% more cost effective


We provide SMS solutions to ALL industries; From Schools, Doctors, Plumbers, Artists, Debt Collectors, Banks, Restaurants to Political Parties with our user-friendly business tools to: do cost effective marketing, save money, increase sales and improve communication[/fusion_text]