• Marketing to Mobile Databases increased significantly once companies realised Mobile Technology was fast becoming the new number one marketing strategy.
  • This inevitably also created an opportunity for illegal and unsolicited marketing hence the increase of spam activities.
  • Privacy advocates and government regulators were subsequently forced to amongst other marketing strategies increase scrutiny regarding the legitimacy and validity of mobile databases.
  • Added as a result, data protection rules in South Africa have been established to regulate the utilization of customer and consumer’s data and the retention thereof.
  • SMSS provides verified and legally acquired databases only with accurate and reliable data. Our Databases have mostly been acquired through reliable opt-in practises.
  • Local and International consumer data protection laws and regulations are strictly adhered to.
  • With zero-tolerance policies in place SMSS takes a firm stand against any form of unsolicited database harvesting, irresponsible data distribution and/or illegal marketing methods.
  • With an SMSS Database, companies eliminate the pitfalls and legal implications normally associated with unregulated Mobile Databases which most likely results in unsuccessful direct marketing campaigns.

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Terms & Conditions
SMSS does not provide warranty for completeness and accuracy of the information and content of the database as numbers might change or become invalid.
The same applies for the accuracy, completeness and / or topicality of the directions for use.
SMSS does not provide warranty for damages resulting from errors of stored data or errors occurring with the reproduction of data