Why not test our PREMIUM SMS SERVICES for free? (Create a sms competition or campaign within minutes!)


  • We provide an online SMS solution aimed at consumers, SME’s and corporates. In fact it has been designed to meet the needs of anyone who has a potential use for sms. The only limit is your imagination
  • We offer 2 types of Short Codes: Dedicated and Shared (On a Shared Short Code, you will need a Keyword)
    1. On a SHARED Short Code, you need a keyword to identify your campaign
    2. When a person sms to a Short Code (e.g. 45509) it’s called a premium sms (Examples)
    3. Cell phone users send sms messages to your unique keyword
    4. The sender pays a certain price e.g. R1.50 per sms
    5. Mostly used to run SMS-Competitions, database creation or SMS-voting, etc.
    6. Sender receives an automated reply SMS
    7. Revenue share is accumulated every time a message is received
    8. A database of all these incoming SMS messages can be found in your Short Code Portfolio on our website
    9. Our server also sends you a notification email upon every incoming SMS
    10. This email notification contains the sender’s cell phone number, the message and time & date it was sent
    11. Keywords are not case sensitive
    12. It’s a good idea to keep your keywords as short as possible.


  • Should your keyword be available, you may test it instantly for FREE on any of our available Short Codes
  • Your keyword is activated on registration & you automatically receive a free Bulk SMS Account, including 20 SMScredits

The Bulk SMS account will remain free and active – whether you keep the keyword or not

REGISTER NOWregisternow

Now, simply invite customers to SMS your keyword to the Short Code of your choice

The keyword will be made available for a period of 7(seven) days, pending receipt of proof of payment from you. At the end of this period, the keyword will be removed from your account and will again be available to anyone wishing to purchase them, and with NO obligation to you


  • On a dedicated short code, you have unlimited usage of keywords
  • Unlike a shared short code, a DEDICATED short code is used by your business exclusively
  • Normally used by businesses with multiple branches or outlets

(Some of our Short Codes may indicate a company other than Mistico Trading (Pty) Ltd or SMSS Globalized Marketing (Pty) Ltd. Rest assured – all our Short Codes are legitimate, whether our company name is displayed or any other company that is in alliance with us.