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  • We provide an online SMS solution aimed at consumers, SME’s and corporates. In fact it has been designed to meet the needs of anyone who has a potential use for sms. The only limit is your imagination
  • We offer 2 types of Short Codes: Dedicated and Shared (On a Shared Short Code, you will need a Keyword)
    1. On a SHARED Short Code, you need a keyword to identify your campaign
    2. When a person sms to a Short Code (e.g. 45509) it’s called a premium sms (Examples)
    3. Cell phone users send sms messages to your unique keyword
    4. The sender pays a certain price e.g. R1.50 per sms
    5. Mostly used to run SMS-Competitions, database creation or SMS-voting, etc.
    6. Sender receives an automated reply SMS
    7. Revenue share is accumulated every time a message is received
    8. A database of all these incoming SMS messages can be found in your Short Code Portfolio on our website
    9. Our server also sends you a notification email upon every incoming SMS
    10. This email notification contains the sender’s cell phone number, the message and time & date it was sent
    11. Keywords are not case sensitive
    12. It’s a good idea to keep your keywords as short as possible.


  • Should your keyword be available, we can activate it almost immediately on any of our available Short Codes
  • Your keyword is activated on registration & you automatically receive a free Bulk SMS Account, including free SMS credits

The Bulk SMS account will remain free and active – whether you keep the keyword or not

Keyword Pricing
1. Set-Up fee: R1499.00 (VAT Excl)
2. Monthly rental: R199.00 (VAT Excl)
3. 1st Month payable in advance
4. Stop your keyword rental any time with one month’s notice
5. Total initially payable: R1952.70 (Vat Included)

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Now, simply invite customers to SMS your keyword to the Short Code of your choice


  • On a dedicated short code, you have unlimited usage of keywords
  • Unlike a shared short code, a DEDICATED short code is used by your business exclusively
  • Normally used by businesses with multiple branches or outlets

(Some of our Short Codes may indicate a company other than Mistico Trading (Pty) Ltd or SMSS Globalized Marketing (Pty) Ltd. Rest assured – all our Short Codes are legitimate, whether our company name is displayed or any other company that is in alliance with us.