Developer Solutions (SMS Gateway Integration) 




  1. Sms-enable your system easily and cost-free through our HTTP or SMPP connectivity. Text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging are supported
  2. You can use it directly or through the programming language of your choice.
  3. Enjoy superior API capabiities (HTTP or SMPP) without the high development costs normally involved
  4. White-labelled Bulk SMS Platforms with customized branding are available for companies (new or establiished) wanting to deliver a quality, reliable and credible sms service with excellent back-up and support structures in place
  5. We can sms-enable any website or application through our SMS Gateway API (Application Programming Interface)
  6. Sending a SMS with an HTTP API is as simple as sending an HTTP GET request
  7. API solutions also supported for Mobile Apps and customized SMS solutions
  8. To instantly view our API documentation, click here
  9. Test our API for free: Register a free account. Click here and receive 20 free sms credits to start






Register for a free account and use the same username and password with this API, that’s it!


  • We offer an SMS Gateway where our mobile marketing platform is integrated directly into your current systems via an API (Application Protocol Interface)
  • SMSS provides a user-friendly web-interface to clients for automated sending and receiving of SMS messages via the internet.
  • Real-time DLR’s (Delivery Reports) are included in our SMS Gateway which provides reports of sent SMS messages messages directly into your chosen server, business system or website.
  • Implementing our SMS Gateway is quick and easy. We provide the relevant code which enables a link between SMSS and your application.

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