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Our fax to email offers a free South African fax number that receives your faxes, converts it to PDF files and emails it directly to you email inbox, wherever you are.


Compare fax to email to traditional faxing

Basic Features: BizFax Conventional Fax
Free KcnogxBcq No
Fax formats KcnogxBcqEmail/ PDF/Print Print
Fax direct to PC/ Laptop KcnogxBcq
Fax direct to mobile phone KcnogxBcq
Accept multiple simultaneous faxes KcnogxBcqUNLIMITED Engaged
Auto filing (email client) KcnogxBcq No
Paperless KcnogxBcq No
Forward via email KcnogxBcq No

*Mobile phones require an email client and must be able to read PDF
*Never engaged means that we give a 99% guarantee.

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Signing up takes less than a few seconds with no set up or installation required.
Its easy to activate. Simply receive at least one fax in your first five days and the number is yours (to keep the number for life you must receive at least 3 faxes every 90 days). Do your part for the environment and start faxing via email. No matter how busy you are, your fax line will never be engaged allowing you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously. Get your free BizFax number today and receive personal faxes reliably, wherever you ar