This 8th annual 9-hole SMSS Sundowner Competition will be held over 6 Friday afternoons from:
07 October 2022 to 10 March 2023 (Tee-times start from 15h3016h30)

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This competition is open to George Golf Club Members only

Each Sundowner 4 x Meat Prizes are up for grabs for the best points over 9 holes
The total points of the 3 best results will determine the overall Tournament winners

🏆 GRAND PRIZE   (All Sundowner games free for 2024 season)


1st  – Grand Prize & Floating Trophy
Previous Champions:
Neil Abrahamse (2016)
Heinrich Neethling (2017/2023)
Graham Richards (2018)
Wim Basson (2019/2020)
Flippie Grobbelaar (2021)
Leonard Paton (2022)

Important Notes for the 8th SMSS Sundowner Tournament:
Play in as many SMSS Sundowners as you want.
For the 3 tournament prizes, We take the sum total of your 3 best SMSS Sundowner results (points)
(For example: If you played 5 times, your 3 best scores will make up the total)

In the event of a tie (total points):
The player that scored the most points in the last SMSS Sundowner he/she played will determine the Winner