How do I start sending SMS messages?
To send SMS messages you need a (Free) SMS Account to send from
Register a free account now and we’ll start you off with 20 complimentary SMS messages to test our services.
A typical SMS message is only 160 characters (spaces included) long. One SMS credit is charged per typical SMS
You can send SMS messages using our web-based (online) SMS Platform, our SMS API (HTTP or SMPP) or from your own software after integration with ours
SMSS are connected to several premium high priority bulk SMS gateways worldwide.

How do I buy SMS credits?
SMSS works on a prepaid basis. SMS credits can be purchased online via Credit or Debit card, PayPal, PayFast, Crypto Currency or Electronic Funds Transfer
To pay via any of the above mentioned methods click on the following link and scroll down BUY SMS CREDITS

Does SMSS offer discounted messaging?
Yes, we offer the lowest discounted prices for large monthly volumes
For non-profit organizations, NGO’s, Schools and Religious organizations we offer special SMS rates irrespective of monthly volumes

Can SMS messages with more than 160 characters be sent ?
Yes. SMSS allow you to send up to 6 SMS text messages (918 characters) as one SMS
The message gets split into 6 parts when sent, but arrives at the mobile phone as a single SMS message.
This process is called a concatenated SMS

Are we able to send SMS messages to Local and International numbers? If so what is the cost difference?
There are 2 main factors which determines the cost of sending an SMS:
The cost per SMS as per the bundle when SMS credits were purchased
To which country or countries the SMS messages are being sent to

How long does it take for my sent SMS messages to be delivered?
SMS messages sent via the SMSS gateway are typically delivered to a mobile phone number within 10 -15 seconds
In some cases delivery may take longer (up to 3 minutes) depending on the Mobile Operator routing the SMS messages
The number of SMS messages sent in a batch or very large volumes are factors that could have an influence on delivery speed

Do I get charged for failed messages and why?
Yes, unfortunately Mobile Operators charge SMSS for all submissions regardless of the message status (not delivered, delayed or expired)
More resources are actually expended by handling failed messages as our system re-try sending these messages to the network before reporting it as a failed message

How many messages can I send at the same time?
You can send 1, 1000, 100000, or any number of messages at the same time

Are there any other costs involved when using SMSS?
No. SMSS operates on a prepaid basis. Simply purchase SMS credit bundles and use them as and when you need to.
There is no monthly fee, no set up fee, and no contract fee for using our SMS Platform

Can people reply to the SMS messages I’ve sent them?
Yes, in South Africa and most other countries. Some International countries may charge a fee for reply SMS messages received.
You (the sender) will not be charged for any reply SMS messages received

Can SMS replies be forwarded to an URL, my email or mobile phone?
Yes, SMS responses or replies can be forwarded to an URL or email address free of charge
SMS responses or replies forwarded to a mobile number will cost one SMS credit

Do SMSS credits expire when not used?
No, SMS credits never expire and can be used if and when you need them

Can I personalize the SMS messages I want to send?
Yes, our SMS software allows each SMS message to start with a different recipient’s name if they need to be personalized

Can multiple SMS messages be sent with different content for each SMS message?
Yes. Multiple SMS messages with different content for each SMS message can be sent from the SMSS Platform

Can SMS messages be set-up or scheduled to be sent at a later time and/or date?
Yes. SMS messages can be scheduled to be sent at any specific time and date in the future

Can scheduled SMS messages be edited or cancelled?
Yes. Scheduled SMS messages can be edited and cancelled at any time before the scheduled date and time.

Can a third party application be SMS-enabled using SMSS?
Yes, third party applications can be SMS-enabled using our SMS API solution

How safe are my client contact lists?
SMSS will not intercept, monitor, copy or disclose any client’s messages or personal information, including Phone Books, Contact Groups or Contact Lists

Can various Contact Groups be set-up within the SMS database?
Yes, all database numbers are uploaded onto the platform via an Excel CSV file into groups or individually

Why can SMS recipients not reply to messages where an alphanumeric Sender ID was used?
Sending SMS messages with a alpha sender-ID is not allowed in South Africa and cannot be replied to
The only way a Sender ID can be replied to (Not South Africa) is when the Sender-ID is set to a mobile number.
Replies would then go to that particular mobile number
SMSS does however allow any of your recipients (South Africa) to reply as our software automatically replaces the sender-id to enable replies

Does SMSS support Unicode and foreign language characters?
Yes, SMS messages using Unicode for non-English characters (such as Arabic, Chinese or Cyrillic characters) are supported
This will however limit character length per message to about 70 characters

Can multiple devices be used to access and send SMS messages?
Yes, sending SMS messages can be done via a browser on a laptop or smartphone, an app on a smartphone or even remotely via any mobile phone
Since our SMS system is web-based, there is no need for any installations or software downloads

Can low SMS credit level notifications be set and edited?
Yes and whenever you need to

Can multiple user accounts be created within my SMS account?
Yes, multiple users can be created in your account and credits towards those accounts are controlled from your account’s admin panel

Is there a list of current clients that uses SMSS?
SMSS have been providing SMS messages to more than 4000 companies across the world for the past 12 years
Click on the following link to have a look at a few notable SMSS clients: Business Clients

Can a delivery report be viewed or downloaded to confirm the status of sent SMS messages(delivered, failed, etc.)?
Yes, a comprehensive status report is viewable and exportable in real-time complete with number and date stamps

Can the SMSS system be integrated into external software, applications and systems?
Yes, besides the web-based SMSS User Interface, SMSS also provide API connectivity via;
HTTP / SMPP / JSON / XML/ HTML / PHP /.Net / Java / Python / Perl / RoR / Windows / and all other technologies that calls a URL

What type of regulations and restrictions are involved with sending bulk SMS messages?
SMSS adhere strictly to SMS Messaging Regulations and Restrictions – (South Africa and globally)
SMS messaging in South Africa supports binary and Unicode, with various standard regulations regarding message content, as per the information below.
The Independent Communications Authority and the SMS Campaign & Competition Association provides more information and guidance regarding these restrictions.
SMSS makes it easy to set up your South Africa or International messaging program.
SMSS has a solid understanding of the global messaging landscape, and will guide you through the process of setting up your SMS account
SMS messages that contain the following are not allowed:
SMS content that:
• constitutes offending material;
• morally repugnant; or
• incites violence or desire to cause harm;
• induces an unacceptable sense of fear or anxiety;
• encourages or incites any person to engage in dangerous practices or to use harmful substances;
• induces or promotes tribal or racial disharmony;
• causes grave or widespread offense; or
• debases, degrade or demeans;
• include adult content

What other services do SMSS offer:
Here is a summary of more services offered by SMSS: Summary

Can the SMS service be tested before a final decision is made?
Yes, we prefer that you test us for free first and provide you the benefit of knowing exactly what you’ll be receiving from SMSS (Please register a free account by following the steps below)

Register a FREE account and receive 20 complimentary SMS messages to test our services. Please click on the following link: FREE REGISTRATION  
You will receive a secured account with the login URL, username, and password and all the information you need via an email on how to use about the SMSS system