SMS Voting

  1. Learn what your customers’ want most, and capture their cell phone information at the same time.
  2. Cell phone voting makes marketing by SMS fun, and gives your customers a chance to let you know how you can better serve them in the future.
  3. Our SMS software (Premium SMS) provides everything to start immediately (Set-up, control, real-time monitoring and real-time results)

How is mobile voting being used?

  1. Retailers who want to find out more about their customers’ favourite products or brands
  2. Radio stations who want listeners to identify their favourite songs
  3. Sports teams asking fans to send in votes for top players
  4. Restaurant owners who want customer input about menu items

Appointment reminders

Business owners of all industries are using appointment reminders:

  1. Stay in touch with clients by sending personal reminders to selected customers
  2. It’s ideal for by-appointment businesses such as dentists, doctors, vehicle services and salons to personalize their relationship with  customers.
  3. Our free SMS Scheduler automates this service, leaving you the time to do something else


  1. “It’s time for your 6-month checkup. Call Dr. Smith at XXXXX to schedule your dental appointment.”
  2. “It’s been 3 months since your last oil change. Visit XXXXXXX and save 10%.”
  3. “We have an open appointment time this Thursday at 1 p.m. Please reply to make a reservation.”

News and sms alerts

  1. Keep your customers informed of what’s going on with your business.
  2. Whether you want to promote an upcoming sale or let people know about your new store hours
  3. Sms messaging gives you the confidence in knowing your message will reach the audience you need
  4. With our free bulk SMS software, informing your customers is done in a matter of seconds;


  1. “Check out the new menu at Rick’s Bar & Grill. Open for lunch every weekday starting in March.”
  2. “Your Home Furniture Store is expanding. Visit our newest location in XXXX from 01 August”
  3. “Don’t miss the weekend blast this Saturday and Sunday at Joey’s”

Mobile vouchers via MMS

    1. Your customers will enjoy the benefits of traditional coupons minus the hassle of clipping it
    2. Production time is a fraction of what it takes to run a printed voucher/coupon campaign
    3. Mobile voucher campaigns provides far more flexibility and better strategies
    4. You provide the idea, we deliver the service..seamlessly and at a fraction of conventional campaigning costs

SMS Consumer Promotions

Create SMS competitions for the launching of your new products and/or events

SMS Interactive Campaigns

Get quick and easy feedback from customers on their experience after using your service

Instant call to action

Create an instant call to action from your print media with a Short Code and Keywords

Entertainment & Involvement

Receive replies from customers and involve them in your next decision

Create opt-in customer lists

Utilise inbound SMS messages to capture and expand your contact list for your next cell phone marketing campaign

SMS Target Marketing

Segment your target audience and capitalise your marketing spend

Measure your marketing success

Measure the success of your traditional marketing spend with digital technology and real-time results
The benefits of Bulk MMS voucher platforms are endless

    1. Create promotion codes for each voucher & easily track the performance of any campaign.
    2. Drive customers to your business immediately, even on the same day.
    3. Reduce or eliminate costs of printing and mailing.
    4. Show or introduce new menu items
    5. Create cell phone VIP cards
    6. Apply traditional print voucher qualities to a digital campaign
    7. Send video tutorials for golf swings, operational info, cooking lessons and how-to projects


Get 20 free sms credits and start to benefit instantly by using our free software