Reseller Faq's






Q. Can a Reseller be from any country?
A. Yes, a Reseller can be from any country worldwide

Q. Can I offer SMSS services in more than one country?
A. Yes, as a registered Reseller, you will be able to sell SMS services in any country

Q. What are the minimum requirements to become a Reseller?
A. No special skills or technical expertise needed. We’ll teach you everything you need to know

Q. What are the costs involved to become for Resellers?
A. No costs involved, except your initial Reseller SMS Bundle purchase so you can start selling immediately

Q. Does a Reseller get a  White Label SMS Platform with own branding and logo’s?
A. Yes, the Platform your customers and you use will be all about you and your company

Q. Can I use my own website with regards to the White Label Platform?
A. Yes, the White Label Program is integrated seamlessly with any website

Q. Will my clients be able to contact SMSS directly?
A. No since they have no means of contacting us and if they do stumble upon us by accident, we’ll refer them back to the Reseller

Q. Can I use my own unique login URL for my customers?
A. Yes, your URL belongs to you and you simply integrate our software into your website, leaving you in complete control

Q. How will my customers be able to buy SMS credits?
A. We will assist you in setting up secure and legitimate payment gateways for your customers to buy from you directly

Q. What payment methods are available for customers?
A. Several payment methods are available like PayPal, PayFast, Skrill, Bitcoin to mention only a few

Q. How long does it take to set up a new client?
A. Within minutes

Q. How reliable is the SMS services from SMSS?
A. SMSS has been in business since 2008 (our 10th year currently) and provide SMS services to more than 5000 clients and Resellers worldwide

Q. How competitive will pricing and services be to my clients through SMSS?
A. As a result of SMSS’s bulk buying power, the best prices are negotiated to the benefit of everyone involved with SMSS

Q. Will I be able to test the system for free before I get involved?
A. Yes, Resellers and clients alike receive a free (no obligation) SMS account with complimentary SMS credits to test the system and software

Q. Are there any set-up, monthly or annual fees payable as a Reseller or client?
A. None, except the initial Reseller SMS Bundle as mentioned previously

Q. Is support provided to Resellers and to my clients?
A. Yes, and as a Reseller you’ll be trained to provide necessary support to your clients

Q. How can I be sure my clients don’t go to SMSS directly?
A. SMSS has no insight or information about any of your clients, since you alone can add and remove clients to your system

Q. What is the next step if I want to become a Reseller?
A. Simply complete the application by following this link: Reseller Application  and we’ll take it from there (It’s that simple!)