SMS the word LIS to 45633 (R1.50 per SMS)



      • On a SHARED Short Code, you need a keyword to identify your campaign
      • When a person sms to a Short Code (e.g. 45633) it’s called a premium sms (Examples)
      • Cell phone users send sms messages to your unique keyword
      • The sender pays a certain price e.g. R1.50 per SMS
      • Mostly used to run SMS-Competitions, database creation or SMS-voting, etc.
      • Sender receives an automated reply SMS
      • Revenue share is accumulated every time a message is received
      • A database of all these incoming SMS messages can be found in your Short Code Portfolio on our website
      • Our server also sends you a notification email upon every incoming SMS
      • This email notification contains the sender’s cell phone number, the SMS and time & date it was sent
      • Keywords are not case sensitive
      • It’s a good idea to keep your keywords as short as possible.
      • Reports on all sent and received SMS messages – instantly
      • A search function for all sent and received SMS messages per Keyword and Sub-keyword
      • A date-search facility to retrieve specific Reports, exportable via Excel format

Keyword Pricing
1. Set-Up fee: R1499.00 (VAT Excl)
2. Monthly rental: R199.00 (VAT Excl)
3. 1st Month payable in advance
4. Stop your keyword rental any time with one month’s notice
5. Total initially payable: R1952.70 (Vat Included)

For extra keywords, the price is R600 (VAT Excl) set-up and R99.00 (VAT Excl) per month

Set-Up Time: Immediate (within a few minutes)

1. Unlimited Sub-keywords: FREE
2. Automated reply SMS set-up for keyword: FREE
3. Automated reply SMS set-up for sub-keywords: FREE
4. Automated reply EMAIL set-up: FREE
5. Automated notification EMAIL set-up for each keyword: FREE
6. Automated URL forwarding & set-up: FREE
7. No hidden costs
8. Set-up takes only a few minutes
9. All Cell Numbers and Incoming SMS Messages stored automatically in Opt-In database
10. Auto-reply SMS messages can be edited at any time
11. Full Control and Management of Keywords, Auto-Reply Messages and SMS Content

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Available Short Code Price Bands (The cost per SMS sent to a Short Code)
(Standard Rates), (R1.00), (R1.50), (R2.00), (R3.00), (R5.00), (R10.00), (R20.00) and (R30.00)

Included Features

        • Unlimited Sub-keywords
        • Automatic reply SMS for your keyword(s) (Cost:Std SMS)
        • Automatic reply SMS for your sub-keyword(s) (Cost:Std SMS)
        • Automatic URL forwarding service
        • Automatic reply EMAIL
        • Automatic notification EMAIL for each sms received
        • You are in no way obligated to renew expired keywords
        • Unlimited number of SMS messages can be received on your keyword

Our payouts are reflected as Vat Excluded
For a detailed list of MT message costs, please see our PRICES



        • Revenue share pay-out for keywords on Shared Short Codes will only be initiated once R500.00 or more has been generated
        • You will need to receive a minimum of 500 inbound (MO) messages per dedicated short code, per month before you receive the premium SMS revenue. This will be effective after 90 days
        • If less than 500 messages are received, the revenue for that month will be kept by SMSS to cover costs. Prolonged periods of volumes below the indicated thresholds or no activity will result in re-allocation or de-activation of a short code or keyword
        • Revenues will be paid to you after 90 days depending on when the operator pays SMSS. We charge a small switching fee for each inbound message that you receive and for the confirmation reply SMS. In addition a once-off setup fee and minimal monthly fees are charged for keywords or sub-keywords. A fixed monthly rental fee is charged for dedicated short codes. These charges depend on the country and number type you choose. Revenue share available in the SA and Namibia only








          • On a dedicated short code, you have unlimited usage of keywords
          • Unlike a shared short code, a DEDICATED short code is used by your business exclusively
          • Normally used by businesses with multiple branches or outlets
          • Keywords to each branch could trigger specific and different actions according to the needs of each branch
          • Unlimited user accounts, each with its own keyword on the dedicated short code
          • Almost every business needs a dedicated short code, and maybe someday it will be like cell phone numbers and every business will have them
          • But until now, even if you had access to a healthy marketing budget, the chances were slim of being able to own a dedicated short code, since you still had to acquire all of the necessary approvals, have the technical knowledge to set it up and be in a position to spend money while waiting for the time-consuming process to be completed.  As a result, only a few businesses were able to take advantage of this fantastic business tool
          • That’s where SMSS comes in; We’ve done all the ground-work on your behalf.  Having the required technological skills, we developed a reputable platform and secured all necessary licenses and network connections
          • Acquiring a dedicated short code through SMSS, will take only 1 day – 1 week to be activated
            We handle all the required paperwork, processes and network connections on your behalf
          • Included Features:
          • Free notification E-Mail of sms messages received
          • All cell numbers saved automatically in Opt-In database
          • Auto response sms messages can be changed at any time
          • Full control and management of keywords, auto responses and sms content
          • No hidden costs Set-up takes between 1 day – 1 week
          • Issue of Short Code subject to approval
          • Price bands from Standard Rated Short Codes to R30.00 per sms
          • SMSS also offers Reversed Billing dedicated short codes

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