SMS Competitions

Start Your Promotional SMS Competition in Seconds

Step 1.
Register a free SMSS Account (You’ll also receive a Bulk SMS Account with 20 free SMS credits)

Step 2.
Choose a Keyword you would want to use. (The word people will send to participate)
Choose the message participants will receive when they SMS to your keyword

Step 3.
Test your keyword and auto response SMS
Test ours quickly: Sms TEST to 31647 (Standard Rate SMS)

Step 4.
Start your competition via any media you choose
To ensure you remain within regulations, visit SMSCA (Sms Competition & Campaign Association)

The maximum price band allowed for an SMS Competition is R1.50 per SMS. Our payouts are reflected as Vat Excluded
For a detailed list of MT message costs, please see our PRICES


Switching Fee: R0.12 MT SMS Charge: R0.16 to R0.28

        • If less than 500 messages are received, the revenue for that month will be kept by SMSS to cover costs. Prolonged periods of volumes below the indicated thresholds or no activity will result in re-allocation or de-activation of a short code or keyword
        • Revenues will be paid to you after 90 days depending on when the operator pays SMSS. We charge a small fee for each inbound message that you receive. In addition a once-off setup fee and no monthly fees are charged for keywords or sub-keywords. A fixed monthly rental fee is charged for dedicated short codes. These charges depend on the country and number type you choose. Revenue share available in the SA and Namibia only