(*121*1234#) Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

Before you consider USSD we suggest using your own Shared Shortcode or the Dedicated Shortcode option which is simpler compared to USSD –

Shared only receives traffic when the first word to the Shortcode contains your selected Keyword while Dedicated receives all traffic sent to the Shortcode.

Regarding the above, the user could SMS into the Shared or Dedicated Shortcode and your response from the Shortcode could contain a link. When the user clicks the link, they are redirected to your website where they fill in the required information e.g. name, surname, ID, insurance details etc. You can then extract that information.

Additionally, we can setup this form for you, which you can then extract the details

Regarding Reverse Billing, please note the service is high risk as someone can potentially spam the number by SMSing in repeatedly resulting in a high bill with the networks and you will have to cover the costs of the SMS to the shortcode.

I would suggest rather going for a Standard Rate Line as this is far cheaper – costs, etc included in the attached.

If you would like to go through with a Reverse Billing shortcode, the pricing is as follows:
R5000 deposit,
60c per incoming SMS (Ex Vat) – credits will be needed on the account to cover this (3 Credits per incoming SMS)
Standard Rental Fee as per our dedicated costs – see Dedicated contract attached.

Alternatively, you can make use of our automations system which utilizes WhatsApp – your clients will start a WhatsApp Chat with a WhatsApp bot and can follow the same question flow as above. Would you be interested in this?