SMS Messages – Albania

SMSS delivers stable and reliable SMS messages in Albania.
With our free Web-based Platform or HTTP / SMPP API‘s  sending SMS messages to Albania is seamless and within minutes!

SMSS prices for Albania from as low as € 0,01 per SMS

All Mobile Network Operators are covered in Albania: AMC, Eagle, Plus, Vodafone

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Pricing for all Network Operators in Albania

MCC MNC Operator Name Price
276 01 AMC (Telecom Albania) € 0.032
276 02 Vodafone € 0.038
276 03 Eagle € 0.017
276 04 Plus € 0.010

Country details

Country prefix: +355

Porting possible: Yes

Wholesale Connection Coverage: Full

Direct Connection Coverage: Full

Sender ID: Dynamic Alphanumeric