Internet Security offers enhanced silent security against e-threats.
1000 Keywords Package
Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is designed to deliver exceptional enhancements to your reports in SSRS 2005, SSRS 2008/2008R2 and SSDT 2012.
is an integrated suite of virtual industrial controls, which can quickly generate various virtual industrial controls. It can be applied in simulation, science, meter, automation, industrial surveillance and other fields.
is an easy-to-use yet reliable system for managing employees, projects, customer relationship and also for storing the entire corporate information.
and FOREX data
Local area network broadcasting system. Design & transmit full screen multi-media messages for LAN networks. A simple to use & deploy server client system with an enormous application range in the real world.
workstations on your network from your own seat. Emails, web sites, chat conversations and much more are captured, including screenshots.
Silently record activities for your later viewing. View screens LIVE and perform instant monitoring, content filtering and administration commands.
a simple and powerful
modern tool for SCRUM and XP projects’ tracking & management.
is a audio engine system for audio processing.It has lots of features and functions to make it easy to process audio files.
is first class OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software for processing tests, surveys and polls. It is a recognition program for marks, checkboxes and barcodes from paper forms.

Real-time Stock and FOREX data
is a .NET component allowing analysis and manipulation of an HTML documents (HTML, XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). in website or desktop projects (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET). The set of API functions allows developers to parse HTML + CSS documents, screen scrapping of HTML pages or data extraction from the web sites.
is a renowned web development company, offering web design and development services to clients throughout the world. Our specialization lies with bespoke website design, bespoke website development, bespoke web applications development and more. At our state of art web development center, we maintain a correct blend of expertise and professionalism to undertake bespoke web development projects of all sizes.
includes two fully managed Windows Form controls, that help the developers add a gauge and chart in the application and provide the gauge and chart representation for the input data.
company-wide employee pc activity monitoring solution, monitor 2000+ network computers within one server.
is a professional SIP PBX for Windows and Kubuntu/Linux systems. It has all features you need. Most important, it is so easy that you can setup and run it in several minutes! miniSIPServer is a professional cross-platform SIP-PBX for Windows, Linux systems and Raspberry Pi. It could be the most easy-to-use VoIP server software you will have and provides lots of enterprise communication services.
Refer to our step by step document to build a simple VoIP network in only one hour!
If you don’t want to maintain any PC or server, please try our virtual SIP-PBX. You can run miniSIPServer in cloud!
is a fast, safe, fully controllable, and resource efficient messaging service (instant messenger). OnLAN Messenger is a corporate oriented solution that will help you to improve the messaging abilities of your company (including sister companies)