SMSS offers a Reseller opportunity for anyone wanting to explore the lucrative and wonderful world of Mobile Technology

The SMSS Reseller Program is open to all with Facebook pages, websites or blogs to promote our services to their customers/friends/family

Become a Reseller of SMSS today, and start making money by simply offering a FREE Bulk SMS Account (We provide this FOR you) and if you’re a business, you’ll instantly start saving on marketing costs plus increase your business!
Below are different options available and it’s up to you what your level of involvement with SMSS will be.
Generate a passive income by simply doing what you do every day already: Helping businesses and people by referring them to those you trust and know are reliable….the same as to recommend a certain Restaurant for instance, but with one significant difference…this time you’ll get paid for your reference. Not only once, but EVERY time the business or person makes use of SMSS again and again and again…..

Can you really afford to let this opportunity pass you by?

a) Are you looking for ways to earn extra cash or ways to save money on marketing?
b) Are you looking for a business that generates perpetual income on SMS messages and other communication services?
c) Did you know that the communication industry is the fastest growing industry worldwide? SMSS is looking for business partners SMSS specializes in: Bulk Sms, Bulk MMS, Sms-API, Automated Voice Messages, Free Fax to Email, ADSL Internet, Music by SMS, Website Hosting and Premium Short Code Numbers(Short Codes)

The SMSS platform is currently one of the most advanced web-based business tools available
Currently 40%- 60% of new business comes from clients being referred resulting in an ever-growing & recurring income for anyone willing to offer our services SMSS provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to:
Earn a passive income Become financially independent Offer a superior and user-friendly product needed by every single business worldwide
No initial capital required, other than initial bulk sms messages at the lowest price anywhere to become a reseller.
Even if no sms credits are resold, you’ve lost nothing, since they never expire and can be sent to anywhere in the world!
Manage this business from anywhere in the world, since it’s completely Internet based Access to constant research & development plus the credibility that comes along with the worldwide SMSS brand

Experience required?
Since we provide all the necessary tools, every SMSS Reseller receives a turn-key solution

Are technical skills required?
No. We will handle your clients and teach them everything they need to know.
Our training and support is excellent and of the highest standards.
You get the client, we provide everything else and you make the money

How to start as an authorized reseller for SMSS

Start immediately:
REGISTER a free account and you will receive 10 sms messages which you could send to anywhere in the world, immediately
Once you’ve experienced our great software, telling others about SMSS comes naturally and by doing that you’re in business!
We feel the same as you about referring someone – We offer you the service to test for free, and leave it completely up to you to offer it to others. The best part: Those you refer also receive the benefit of testing us for free first before deciding to make use of us.
It’s a win-win situation for you and those you refer.

Should you be convinced of the benefits and ease-of-use, only then could you decide to become an authorised reseller for SMSS.

Want to become a Reseller?

1) Offer our Bulk SMS Account with 10 free SMS credits for free to anyone or any business.
2) Simply send them the following link;
a) Email
b) SMS
c) WhatsApp
d) BBM
e) Skype
f)  FaceBook
g) Send an email to [email protected] with only their Name/Cell number so we can connect them to you instantly
h) Those you referred also receive the benefit of testing us for free before deciding to make use of us
i)  NO initial purchase is required and they will be able to send for free instantly
j)  That’s it!

Even if you’re not becoming a Reseller, at least make use of the free sms credits

As a Reseller you may also offer the following products from SMSS: